Beginner Roadmaps

Are you an Absolute beginner?

Here are some beginner friendly roadmaps you should start with.

There is also a beginner DevOps roadmap which requires you to have some backend knowledge and entails a lot of operations work i.e. deploying, scaling, monitoring, and maintaining applications.

Tips for Beginners

Learning to code can be overwhelming, here are some tips to help you get started:

Avoid Tutorial Hell
Consistent study habits
Set a clear goal
Embrace the marathon mindset
Build projects
Learn to get unstuck
Join a community
Self-taught Developer

Are you a self-taught developer?

How about taking a peek at the Computer Science roadmap aimed at self-taught developers?

Computer ScienceLearn the fundamental concepts of computer science and programming.
Data StructuresLearn all about data structures and algorithms.

Learn how to design large scale systems and prepare for system design interviews.

Or learn how to design and architect software systems.

Frontend Developer

Are you a Frontend Developer?

How about skimming through the frontend or JavaScript roadmaps to see if there is anything you missed? TypeScript is all the rage these days, maybe it is time to learn it?

FrontendLearn all you need to know to become a frontend developer.

How about mastering the language of the web: JavaScript? or maybe TypeScript?

Or learn how to improve the performance of your web apps?

Or learn a framework?

or learn about design systems?

Backend Developer

Are you a Backend Developer?

Explore the general backend roadmap or dive into a specific technology like Node.js, Python, Java etc

DevOps Engineer

DevOps or a Wanna-be DevOps Engineer?

Explore the general DevOps roadmap or dive into a specific technology like Docker, Kubernetes etc

DevOpsLearn all you need to know to become a DevOps Engineer.
AWSLearn all you need to know to become an AWS Engineer.

or perhaps you want to learn Docker, Kubernetes or Linux?

Or maybe improve your automation skills?

Mobile Developer

Are you a Mobile Developer?

How about beefing up your mobile development skills?

AI and Machine Learning
More Roles

There is more!

We have a lot more content for you to explore.

Or visit our guides and videos for long-form content.

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