Hello, I'm Kamran Ahmed.

I created roadmap.sh to help developers find their path if they are confused and help them grow in their career.

What is roadmap.sh?

Roadmap.sh is the place containing community curated roadmaps, study plans, paths and resources for the budding developers. It started as a set of charts to guide the developers who are confused about what should they learn next but that alone wasn't enough so I expanded it into the website to get more contributors involved.

What are the plans for roadmap.sh?

The website started off as a simple repository containing a few charts for developers and based on my personal opinions but it could have been much more than that so I decided to expand it to a website where people can contribute to study plans with their areas of expertise as well, add more roadmaps, write guides etc.

We haven't opened up the sign ups for now but we will be doing. My long term plans for this website are to turn it into a goto place for the developers to seek guidance about their careers, help others, share their journeys, incentivize the learnings, get feedbacks on their projects etc.

How did you build roadmap.sh?

The basic version of the website has been built with Next.js, is opensource and can be found on github. It was hastily done to get it out in front of the people and get people to start contributing so it might be rough on the edges, but that is where we need your help.

How does it make money?

It doesn't make any money. I have been using my personal time and budget to build it. I did not create this website with any intentions of monetization but as a good will, to help the people get out of the frustration that I was once in.

Having said that, I love teaching and my future plans are to be able to work full-time on roadmap.sh for which it has to make enough money to pay for my rent, groceries, bills, travel expenses, etc but even if it doesn't it's likely I'll continue growing the site however I can. My focus at the moment is not making money from it and just add content that creates value for the people.

Sponsor the efforts by paying as little as 3$ per month or with one time payment via paypal. Alternatively, reach out to me at kamran@roadmap.sh.

Can I contribute?

You definitely can, infact you are encouraged to do that. Even your minor contributions such as typo fixes count. The source code of the website can be found on Github. Your contributions can be:

  • Adding a new roadmap
  • Updating existing roadmap
  • Suggesting changes to the existing roadmaps
  • Writing a Guide
  • Updating an existing guide
  • Fixing grammar mistakes, typos on the website or the content
  • Updating the UI of the website
  • Refactoring the codebase
  • Becoming a sponsor

Just make sure to follow the contribution guidelines when you decide to contribute.

Can I redistribute the content?

No, the license of the content on this website does not allow you to redistribute any of the content on this website anywhere. You can use it for personal use or share the link to the content if you have to but redistribution is not allowed.

What is the best way to contact you?

Tweet or send me a message @kamranahmedse or email me at kamran@roadmap.sh. I get lots of messages so apologies in advance if you don't hear back from me soon but I do reply to everyone.

Community created roadmaps, articles, resources and journeys to help you choose your path and grow in your career.