Kamran Ahmed

Kamran is the founder of roadmap.sh. He has a decade long experience working mostly with startups and scale-ups. Over the years, he has worked with a variety of technologies in a variety of domains and have worn several different hats. He is working full time on roadmap.sh at the moment.

He is also a Google Developer Expert and a GitHub Star. He is a huge proponent of open-source, and has authored several popular open-source projects. He is the second most starred developer on GitHub globally.

5 Free Resources to Master LLMs » Introduction to LLMs » Jump Servers: What, Why and How » Guide to Let's Encrypt SSL Setup » Single Command Database Setup » Consistency Patterns » Session Based Authentication » HTTP Basic Authentication » Basics of Authentication » Async and Defer Script Loading » What are Web Vitals? » SLIs, SLOs and SLAs » What is CI and CD? » SSO — Single Sign On » OAuth — Open Authorization » JWT Authentication » Token Based Authentication » Session Based Authentication » Basic Authentication » Character Encodings » Unfamiliar Codebase » DHCP in One Picture » SSL vs TLS vs SSH » Asymptotic Notation » Big-O Notation » Random Numbers: Are they? » How does the internet work? » Scaling Databases » Levels of Seniority » Design Patterns for Humans » DNS in One Picture » Journey to HTTP/2 » HTTP Caching » Brief History of JavaScript » Session Based Authentication » Basic Authentication » Basics of Authentication » Graph Data Structure » Heap Data Structure » Tree Data Structure » Hash Table Data Structure » Queue Data Structure » Stack Data Structure » Linked List Data Structure » All about Array Data Structure » What are Data Structures? » What is Eventual Consistency? » SSH vs TLS vs SSL » Asynchronous JavaScript » Random Number Generators » Big O Notation » YAML in Depth » Floating Point Arithmetic » What is CAP Theorem? » ACID Explained » Transport Protocols: TCP vs UDP » TCP/IP Model Explained » OSI Model Explained » Freeze and Seal in JavaScript » All about HTTP Caching » Content Delivery Networks » Load Balancers 101 » DNS Records » DNS and how does it work? » System Design 101 » JavaScript Fetch API » Scaling the Unscalable » All about Promises in JavaScript » DOM, Shadow DOM, Virtual DOM » Automate with GitHub Actions » Practical Introduction to React » What is Dependency Injection? » How to use CSS Variables? » Arrays and Objects in JavaScript »

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