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Everything you need to know about designing large scale systems.

Introduction What is System Design? How To: System Design? Who is this guide for? Performance vs Scalability Latency vs Throughput Availability vs Consistency CAP Theorem Consistency Patterns Weak Consistency Eventual Consistency Strong Consistency Availability Patterns Fail-Over Replication Availability in Numbers Background Jobs Event Driven Schedule Driven Returning Results Domain Name System Content Delivery Networks Push CDNs Pull CDNs Load Balancers Horizontal Scaling Layer 4 Load Balancing Layer 7 Load Balancing Load Balancing Algorithms Load Balancer vs Reverse Proxy Application Layer Microservices Service Discovery Databases RDBMS Replication Sharding Federation Denormalization SQL Tuning NoSQL Key Value Store Document Store Wide Column Store Graph Databases SQL vs noSQL Caching Client Caching CDN Caching Web Server Caching Database Caching Application Caching Caching Strategies Cache-aside Write-through Write-behind Refresh-ahead Asynchronism Message Queues Task Queues Back Pressure Idempotent Operations Communication HTTP TCP UDP RPC REST gRPC GraphQL Performance Antipatterns Busy Database Busy Frontend Chat I/O Extraneous Fetching Improper Instantiation Monolithic Persistence No Caching Noisy Neighbor Retry Storm Synchronous I/O Monitoring Health Monitoring Availability Monitoring Performance Monitoring Security Monitoring Usage Monitoring Instrumentation Visualization and Alerts Cloud Design Patterns Messaging Asynchronous Request-Reply Claim Check Choreography Competing Consumers Pipes and Filters Priority Queue Publisher Subscriber Queue Based Load Leveling Scheduling Agent Supervisor Sequential Convoy Data Management Cache Aside CQRS Event Sourcing Index Table Materialized View Sharding Static Content Hosting Valet Key Design and Implementation Ambassador Anti-orruption Layer Backends for Frontend CQRS Compute Resource Consolidation External Configuration Store Gateway Aggregation Gateway Offloading Gateway Routing Leader Election Pipes and Filters Sidecar Static Content Hosting Strangler fig Reliability Patterns Availability Deployment Stamps Geodes Health Endpoint Monitoring Queue-Based load leveling Throttling High availability Bulkhead Circuit Breaker Deployment Stamps Geodes Health Endpoint Monitoring Resilience Bulkhead Circuit Breaker Compensating Transaction Health Endpoint Monitoring Leader Election Queue-Based load leveling Retry Scheduling Agent Supervisor Security Federated Identity pattern Gatekeeper Valet Key

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