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Step by step guide to becoming a Software Architect in 2023

Software Architect Basics What is Software Architecture? What is Software Architect? Levels of Architecture Application Level Architecture Solution Level Architecture Enterprise Level Architecture Architect Responsibilities Important Skills Design and Architecture Decision Making Simplifying Things How to Code Documentation Communication Estimate and Evaluate Balance Consult and Coach Marketing Skills Technical Skills Programming languages Java/Kotlin/Scala Python Ruby Go JavaScript .NET Framework Patterns and design principles OOP MVC MVP MVVM CQRS eventual consistency Actors ACID & CAP Theorem SOLID Domain-Driven Design Test Driven Development Architect tools Git Slack Trello Atlassian tools Architectures Serverless Microservices Client server architecture Layered Architecture Distributed systems Service oriented Security Hashing Algorithms PKI OWASP Auth strategies Working with data Spark, Hadoop MapReduce ETL Datawarehouses Sql databases Analytics Apache spark Hadoop Datawarehouses principles Nosql databases Apis and integrations gPRC Esb soap GraphQL REST BPM BPEL Messaging queues Web and mobile Reactive and Functional programming React SPA vs SSG vs SSR PWA Microfrontends W3c and WHATWG Standards Architect frameworks Babok Iaf UML Togaf Management Certifications Pmi itil prince2 rup Agile scrum Less Safe Networks OSI and TCP/IP Models Http Https Proxies Firewalls Operations knowledge Infrastructure as Code Cloud providers Serverless Concepts Linux / Unix Service Mesh CI / CD Containers Cloud Design Patterns Enterprise software MS Dynamics Sap epr hana business objects Emc dms IBM BPM Salesforce

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