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urql (Universal React Query Library) is a library for managing GraphQL data in React applications. It is developed and maintained by Formidable Labs and is available as open-source software.

urql is designed to be easy to use and flexible, with a simple API for performing GraphQL queries and mutations. It is based on the concept of a client, which is used to manage the GraphQL data for an application. The client provides a set of utilities and APIs for managing GraphQL data, including:

  • executeQuery: A utility for executing a GraphQL query.
  • executeMutation: A utility for executing a GraphQL mutation.
  • useQuery: A hook for executing a GraphQL query and accessing the result in a component.
  • useMutation: A hook for executing a GraphQL mutation and accessing the result in a component.

urql is often used as an alternative to other GraphQL libraries, such as Apollo Client, because of its simplicity and lightweight size. It is particularly well-suited for small to medium-sized React applications where the complexity of other GraphQL libraries may not be required.

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