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Steps to follow in order to become a modern QA Engineer in 2023

QA Basics What is Quality Tester Mindset Testing Approaches White Box Testing Gray Box Testing Black box testing Test Oracles Test Prioritization Manage Your Testing QTest TestRail TestLink Zephyr Project Management Atlassian Assembla YouTrack Trello Testing Techniques Functional Testing Exploratory testing Integration Testing Regression Testing Sanity Testing Smoke Testing UAT Unit Testing Non-Functional Testing Accessibility Testing Load Testing Performance Testing Security Testing Stress Testing SDLC Waterfall Model V Model Agile Model Kanban Scrum SAFe XP QA Manual Testing TDD - Test Driven Development Test Planning Test Cases and Scenarios Reporting Compatibility Verification and Validation Automated Testing Frontend automation Basic Introduction Ajax Browser devtools Caching CSR vs SSR HTML/CSS/JavaScript Basics Responsive vs adaptive SWAs, PWAs and Jamstack Selenium IDE Browser Addons Ghost Inspector Automation Frameworks Cypress Jasmine Jest Nightwatch Playwright Puppeteer QA Wolf Robot framework Selenium Webdriver io Bug Magnet Check My Links Mobile Automation Appium XCUITest Espresso Detox Backend Automation Karate framework Cypress SoapUI Newman REST Assured Non Functional Testing Load and Performance Testing Vegeta JMeter Locust Gatling k6 Artillery Lighthouse WebPageTest Accessibility testing Chrome dev tools Wave Axe Security Testing Authentication authorization Vulnerability Scanning OWASP 10 Attack vectors Secrets Management Email Testing Mailinator Gmail Tester QA reporting JUnit Allure Test Rail Monitoring and Logs Grafana New Relic Run scope Sentry Kibana Datadog PagerDuty Version Control Systems Git Repo Hosting Services GitLab Bitbucket GitHub CI / CD Jenkins Travis CI CircleCI Drone GitLab CI Bamboo TeamCity Azure DevOps Headless Testing Zombie.js Playwright Puppeteer Cypress Headless Chrome Headless Fox HtmlUnit

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