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Step by step guide to becoming a modern Node.js developer in 2023

Node.js Introduction What is Node.js Why Node.js History of Node.js Nodejs vs Browser Running Node.js Code Node.js Modules CommonJS vs ESM Custom Modules global keyword npm npx Global Install vs Local Install Updating Packages Using Packages Running Scripts npm workspaces Creating Packages Error Handling Stack Trace Using debugger Uncaught Exceptions Error types Javascript Errors System Errors User Specified Errors Assertion Errors Async errors Nodejs async programming Event Loop Event Emitter Promises Async/Await Callbacks setTimeout setInterval setImmediate process.nextTick() Working with Files Fs module path module process.cwd() Glob Globby fs-extra Chokidar __dirname __filename Command Line Applications Exiting and exit codes Printing output Process stdout process.stderr Chalk Figlet Cli progress Taking input Process stdin Prompts Inquirer Command line args process.argv Commander.js Environment variables dotenv process.env APIs Http module Express.js NestJS Fastify Got unfetch Axios Making API calls with HTTP JSON Web Token Passport js Keep App Running Nodemon Template Engines Marko Pug EJS What is Database Relational Knex TypeORM Sequelize Prisma Native drivers Document Mongoose Prisma Native Drivers Testing Jest Mocha Cypress Node.js Logging Morgan Winston Keep your app running in Production Pm2 Forever Nohup Nodejs Threads Child Process Cluster Worker Threads Nodejs streams More Debugging Memory Leaks Garbage Collection Node Inspect Using APM Nodejs common modules Builtin modules

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