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Step by step guide to learning MongoDB in 2023

MongoDB Basics SQL vs NoSQL What is MongoDB When to use MongoDB? What is MongoDB Atlas? MongoDB Terminology Data Model and Data Types BSON vs JSON Embedded Documents and Arrays Double String Array Object Binary data Undefined ObjectId Boolean Date Null Regular Expression JavaScript Symbol Int32 / Int Int64 / Long Timestamp Decimal128 Min Key Max Key Collections and Methods Counting Documents insert() and relevant find() and relevant update() and relevant deleteOne() and others bulkWrite() and others validate() Useful Concepts Read / Write Concerns Cursors Retryable Reads / Writes Query Operators Creating Indexes Projection Operators $project $include $exclude $slice Atlas Search indexes Comparison Operators $eq $gt $lt $lte $gte $ne Array Operators $in $nin $all $elemMatch $size Query Optimization Element Operators $exists $type $regex Logical Operators $and $or $not $nor Index types Expiring Geospatial Text Compound Single Field MongoDB Aggregation Aggregation Concepts $group $match $sort $project $skip $limit $unwind $lookup $sum Transactions Developer Tools Language Drivers MongoDB Connectors Kafka Spark Elastic Search Developer Tools VS Code Extension Analyzer Backup recovery mongodump mongorestore Scaling MongoDB MongoDB Security Role-based access control X.509 Certificate Auth Kerberos Authentication LDAP Proxy Auth MongoDB Audit Encryption Encryption at Rest Queryable encryption Client-Side Field Level


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