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The $gt operator in MongoDB is used to filter documents based on the values of a particular field being greater than the specified value. This operator is handy when you want to retrieve documents that fulfill a condition where a field’s value is more than a given value.

The general syntax for querying using the $gt operator is:

  field: {
    $gt: value;

Here, we need to replace the field with the actual field name in the document, and value with the desired value you want to compare against.


Consider a students collection where each document contains information about a student, including their first_name, last_name, and age.

If you want to find all the students whose ages are greater than 21, you would use a query with the $gt operator as follows:

db.students.find({ age: { $gt: 21 } });

This query will return all the documents in the students collection where the age field has a value greater than 21.

Keep in mind that the $gt operator can also be used with non-numeric data types, such as date values. The comparison will be made based on their natural order.

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