Query Operators

In this section, we’ll be exploring query operators in MongoDB. Query operators provide powerful ways to search and manipulate documents in a MongoDB collection. There are several types of query operators, including:

Let’s explore each category in more detail.

Comparison Operators

Comparison operators allow you to compare the value of a field with specified values. Some common comparison operators are:

Logical Operators

Logical operators provide ways to combine multiple query conditions. Some common logical operators include:

Element Operators

Element operators target specific elements within documents, including:

Evaluation Operators

Evaluation operators perform operations on specific fields and values, such as regular expression searches or checking the size of arrays. Some examples include:

Array Operators

Array operators are used to query or manipulate documents that contain arrays. Some common array operators include:

Bitwise Operators

Bitwise operators allow you to perform bit manipulation on integer values. Some examples are: