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VS Code Extension

Visual Studio Code (VS Code) offers an extension for MongoDB that provides a convenient and powerful way to work with MongoDB databases directly from VS Code. This extension allows you to effortlessly manage your MongoDB databases, perform CRUD operations, and visualize your data schema within the VS Code environment. Let’s explore the key features of the MongoDB VS Code extension:


  • Explorer Integration: This extension integrates directly with the VS Code Explorer – allowing you to efficiently browse your databases, collections, and documents sans the need to leave the comfort of your code editor.

  • Query Execution: Write and execute MongoDB queries in your editor using the built-in MongoDB Query Playground. Easily execute commands, one by one or in groups, making your data manipulation experience more efficient.

  • CRUD Operations: Perform Create, Read, Update, Delete (CRUD) operations on your documents right from the VS Code, without needing to switch between applications, keeping you focused and productive.

  • Schema Visualization: Get insights into your data schema by simply hovering over a field or a document. This feature enables you to have a more profound understanding of your data, helping you make better decisions while developing your application.

  • Snippet Support: The extension provides template snippets for the most common MongoDB commands, such as find, update or aggregation, to help you write queries faster and adhere to best practices.

  • Error Monitoring: Get real-time feedback on syntax or runtime errors while writing MongoDB queries or manipulating documents. This feature helps you identify any potential issues or inconsistencies in your MongoDB operations.

Getting Started

To get started, simply install the MongoDB for VS Code extension from the Visual Studio Marketplace.

After installation, you can connect to your MongoDB instance by clicking on the MongoDB icon on the Activity Bar (the vertical bar on the side of the window). From there, you can add your connection string, choose which databases and collections to explore, and interact with your MongoDB data using the extension features described above.

In conclusion, the MongoDB VS Code extension enhances your productivity as a developer by enabling you to seamlessly work with MongoDB databases directly in your code editor. If you haven’t tried it yet, we recommend installing it and exploring its rich set of features.

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