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mongorestore is a utility tool that comes with MongoDB and is used to restore a binary database dump from mongodump. It is particularly helpful in scenarios where you need to recover your database, migrate data between MongoDB instances, or manage your data backup strategy.


  • Restores BSON data from a mongodump output
  • Supports multiple formats, such as gzip
  • Allows filtering documents during restore
  • Can restore data to a new MongoDB instance, or into an existing database and collection


Here’s a basic usage of mongorestore:

mongorestore /path/to/your/dump/folder

This command will restore the dump in the specified folder.

Common Options

  • --host: Specifies the target MongoDB instance (default: localhost).
  • --port: Specifies the port number of the target MongoDB instance (default: 27017).
  • --username: Specifies the username for authentication (if needed).
  • --password: Specifies the password for authentication (if needed).
  • --authenticationDatabase: Specifies the database that holds the user’s credentials (default: admin).
  • --db: Specifies a single database to restore (default: all databases in the dump folder).
  • --collection: Specifies a single collection to restore (default: all collections in the dump folder).
  • --drop: Drops the database or collection before importing data.
  • --gzip: Decompresses the input BSON files before importing (use with compressed dumps).
  • --archive: Reads/writes the database dump as an archive file.
  • --nsExclude: Exclude namespaces with the specified pattern from the restore.


Restore only a specific database:

mongorestore --db=mydatabase /path/to/your/dump/folder

Restore using gzip format:

mongorestore --gzip /path/to/your/compressed/dump/folder

Restore with authentication:

mongorestore --username=myUser --password=myPassword /path/to/your/dump/folder

Restore to a remote MongoDB instance:

mongorestore --host=remoteHost --port=27017 /path/to/your/dump/folder

Important: Ensure you have proper backups of your data, and test the restore process periodically to validate your backup strategy.

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