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Step by step guide to learn JavaScript in 2023

JavaScript What is JavaScript? History of JavaScript Javascript Versions How to run Javascript Javascript Variables Variable Declarations [var] keyword [let] keyword [const] keyword Hoisting Naming Rules Scopes Block Scope Function Scope Global Scope Datatypes Primitive Types Object Prototypes Prototypal Inheritance Built-in objects TypeOf Operator Type Casting Type Conversion/Coercion Explicit Type Casting Implicit Type Casting Data Structures Indexed collections Arrays Typed Arrays Keyed Collections Map Weak map Set WeakSet Structured data JSON Equality Comparisons Equality algorithms isLooselyEqual isStrictlyEqual Same value zero Same value Value Comparison Operators Loops and Iterations for…in statement for…of statement Break continue Labeled Statements The for loop do…while statement while statement Control Flow Exception Handling Throw Statement Try, Catch, Finally Utilizing error objects Conditional statements If else Switch Case Expressions and Operators Assignment Operators Comparison Operators Arithmetic operators Bitwise operators Logical Operators BigInt Operators String Operators Conditional operators Comma operators Unary Operators Relational Operators Functions Defining and Calling Functions Function Parameters Default Parameters Rest Parameters Arrow Functions IIFE Arguments object Scope and function stack Recursion Lexical scoping Closures Built in functions Strict Mode This Keyword Function Borrowing this in a method this in a function Using this alone this in event handlers this in arrow functions Explicit binding call() method apply() method bind() method Asynchronous JavaScript Event Loop setTimeout setInterval Callbacks Callback Hell Promises Async/Await Classes Javascript Iterators and Generators Modules CommonJS ESModules Memory Management Memory lifecycle Garbage Collection Javascript chrome dev tools Debugging issues Debugging Memory Leaks Debugging performance Working with APIs XMLHttpRequest Fetch

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