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Step by step guide to learn GraphQL in 2023

GraphQL Introduction What is GraphQL Problems GraphQL Solves Thinking in Graphs GraphQL on the Frontend GraphQL on the Backend GraphQL Queries What are Queries Fields Aliases Arguments Directives Variables Fragments Mutations What are Mutations Multiple Mutation Fields Operation Name Subscriptions What are Subscriptions Event Based Subscriptions Live Queries Defer Stream Directives Schema Type System Fields Scalars Enums Objects Lists Interfaces Unions Arguments Validation Execution Root Fields Resolvers Synchronous Asynchronous Scalar Coercion Lists Validation Producing The Result Serving Over Internet GraphQL over HTTP Caching Batching Authorization GraphQL Over Websockets Real Time Authorization GraphQL Over SSE Authorization Pagination Frontend Implementations Relay Apollo Client URQL Backend Implementations GraphQL HTTP GraphQL Yoga Apollo Server Mercurius

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