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Step by step guide to becoming a Go developer in 2023

Learn the Basics Basic Syntax Variables in Go Data Types For Loop Range Errors/Panic/Recover Conditional Statements Functions Packages Type Casting Type Inference Arrays Slices Maps Make Structs Go advanced Modules Working with json Types and type assertions Interfaces Context Goroutines Channels Buffer Select Mutex Building CLI Applications Cobra Urfave cli ORMs Gorm Web Frameworks Beego Gin Revel Echo Gorilla Gofiber Buffalo Logging Zerolog Zap Apex Go realtime communication Melody Centrifugo API Clients REST Heimdall Grequests Graphql Graphql go Gqlgen Testing Go Code Microservices Watermill Rpcx Go kit Micro go-zero Protocol buffers gRPC Go Grpc gateway Twirp


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