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Learn a Language Python Ruby JavaScript Go Rust Operating System Networking I/O Management Virtualization Memory Management File System Sockets POSIX Basics Processes Startup Management (init.d) Service Management (systemd) Thread in OS Managing Servers Operating system Windows Ubuntu / Debian openSUSE Linux RHEL / Derivatives FreeBSD OpenBSD NetBSD Live in terminal Screen Terminal multiplexers Tmux ps - process status top htop atop Bash scripting Editors lsof Compiling Apps Nmon Iostat Sar Vmstat Traceroute mtr ping NMAP netstat Tcpdump Iptables dig awk sed grep sort cut uniq cat echo fmt tr nl wc strace DTrace Systemtap Uname df history Du SCP UFW Networking Protocols OSI Model DNS HTTP Emails White Listing vs Grey Listing SMTP Imaps Pop3s DMARC SPF Domain Keys HTTPS FTP SSL/TLS SSH Port Forwarding Setting up x Reverse Proxy Caching server Forward Proxy Load Balancer Firewall Nginx Apache Tomcat MS IIS Infrastructure as Code Docker Service Mesh Consul Istio Envoy Linkerd Containers LXC Configuration Management Ansible Chef Salt Puppet Infrastructure Provisioning Terraform AWS CDK CloudFormation Pulumi Docker Swarm GitOps ArgoCD Flux CD Kubernetes Nomad Secret Management Vault SOPS Sealed Secrets Cloud Specific Tools CI/CD GitLab CI Jenkins GitHub Actions Travis CI TeamCity Azure DevOps CircleCI Drone Monitoring Infrastructure Monitoring Prometheus Nagios Datadog Grafana Monit Zabbix Application Monitoring Jaeger New Relic AppDynamics Instana OpenTelemetry Logs Management Elastic Stack Graylog Papertrail Splunk Loki Cloud Providers AWS Google Cloud Azure Heroku Alibaba Cloud DigitalOcean Linode Vultr IBM Cloud Availability Data Management Design and implementation Management and Monitoring

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