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Cyber Security Topics

Step by step guide to becoming a Cyber Security Expert in 2023

Fundamental IT Skills Computer Hardware Components Connection Types and their function NFC WiFi Bluetooth Infrared OS-Independent Troubleshooting Understand Basics of Popular Suites iCloud Google Suite Microsoft Office Suite Basics of Computer Networking Operating Systems Windows Linux MacOS Learn for each Installation and Configuration Different Versions and Differences Navigating using GUI and CLI Understand Permissions Installing Software and Applications Performing CRUD on Files Troubleshooting Common Commands Networking Knowledge Understand the OSI model Common Ports and their Uses SSL and TLS Basics Basics of NAS and SAN Basics of Subnetting IP Terminology Public vs Private IP Addresses localhost loopback WAN CIDR subnet mask default gateway Network Topologies Star Ring Mesh Bus Common Protocols and their Uses SSH RDP FTP SFTP HTTP / HTTPS SSL / TLS Common Virtualization Technologies VMWare VirtualBox esxi proxmox Understand basics of Virtualization Hypervisor VM GuestOS HostOS Troubleshooting Tools nslookup iptables Packet Sniffers ipconfig netstat Port Scanners ping dig arp Protocol Analyzers nmap route tcpdump tracert Authentication Methodologies Kerberos LDAP SSO Certificates Local Auth RADIUS Functions of each DHCP DNS NTP IPAM Understand the terminology VLAN DMZ ARP VM NAT IP DNS DHCP Router Switch VPN Understand these MAN LAN WLAN Security Skills and Knowledge Basics of Cryptography Salting Hashing Key Exchange PKI Pvt Key vs Pub Key Obfuscation Learn how Malware Operates and Types Understand the Incident Response Process Preparation Identification Containment Eradication Recovery Lessons Learned Web Based Attacks and OWASP 10 Privilege escalation / User based Attacks Understand Threat Classification Zero Day Known vs Unknown APT Understand CIA Triad Understand Hardening Concepts MAC-based NAC-based Port Blocking Group Policy ACLs Sinkholes Patching Jump Server Endpoint Security Understand Handshakes Basics of Threat Intel, OSINT False Negative / False Positive Blue Team vs Red Team vs Purple Team Authentication vs Authorization Basics of IDS and IPS Honeypots Understand the Concept of Isolation Operating System Hardening Cyber Kill Chain MFA and 2FA Understand Backups and Resiliency Understand the Definition of Risk Roles of Compliance and Auditors Core Concepts of Zero Trust Perimiter vs DMZ vs Segmentation Penetration Testing Rules of Engagement Basics of Reverse Engineering Basics of Vulnerability Management Basics and Concepts of Threat Hunting Understand Basics of Forensics Understand Concept of Runbooks Understand Concept of Defense in Depth Understand Common Exploit Frameworks Understand Common Hacking Tools Attack types Phishing vs Vishing vs Whaling vs Smishing Spam vs Spim Shoulder Surfing Dumpster Diving Tailgating Zero Day Social Engineering Reconnaissance Impersonation Watering Hole Attack Drive by Attack Typo Squatting Brute Force vs Password Spray Common distros for hacking ParrotOS Kali Linux Common network based attacks DoS vs DDoS MITM ARP Poisoning Evil Twin DNS Poisoning Spoofing Deauth Attack VLAN Hopping Rogue Access Point War-driving/dialing Common standards ISO NIST RMF CIS CSF Find and use logs Event Logs syslogs netflow Packet Captures Firewall Logs Incident response and discovery tools nmap tracert nslookup dig curl ipconfig hping ping arp cat dd head tail grep wireshark winhex memdump FTK Imager autopsy Other attacks Buffer Overflow Memory Leak XSS SQL Injection CSRF Replay Attack Pass the Hash Directory Traversal Secure vs unsecure protocols FTP vs SFTP SSL vs TLS IPSEC DNSSEC LDAPS SRTP S/MIME Tools for unintended purposes LOLBAS Uderstand frameworks ATT&CK Kill chain Diamond Model Understand common tools VirusTotal Joe Sandbox any.run urlvoid urlscan WHOIS Understand the following terms Antivirus Antimalware EDR DLP Firewall and Nextgen Firewall HIPS NIDS NIPS Host Based Firewall Sandboxing ACL EAP vs PEAP WPA vs WPA2 vs WPA3 vs WEP WPS Understand SIEM SOAR Cloud Skills and Knowledge Understand concepts of security in the cloud Understand the basics and general flow of deploying in the cloud Understand the differences between cloud and on-premises Understand the concept of infrastructure as code Understand the concept of Serverless Understand the concept of CDN Understand Cloud Services SaaS PaaS IaaS Cloud Models Private Public Hybrid Common Cloud Environments AWS GCP Azure Common Cloud Storage S3 Dropbox Box OneDrive Google Drive iCloud Programming Skills and Knowledge (Optional But Recommended) Python Go JavaScript C++ Bash Power Shell Extras Certifications Advanced certifications CISSP CISA CISM GSEC GPEN GWAPT GIAC OSCP CREST CEH Beginner certifications CompTIA A+ CompTIA Linux+ CompTIA Network+ CCNA CompTIA Security+ Ctfs HackTheBox TryHackMe VulnHub picoCTF SANS Holiday Hack Challenge


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