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Firewall and Nextgen Firewall

A Next-Generation Firewall (NGFW) is an advanced type of firewall that goes beyond traditional network security by providing more in-depth inspection, visibility, and control over network traffic. It is designed to defend against modern-day threats and sophisticated attacks.

Key features of Next-Generation Firewalls:

  • Application awareness: NGFWs can identify and control applications running on a network, regardless of the port or protocol used. This provides more granular control over network traffic and enhances security.

  • Integrated Intrusion Prevention System (IPS): Next-gen firewalls come with built-in IPS capabilities, which helps in detecting and blocking potential threats and vulnerabilities in real-time.

  • User identity awareness: NGFWs can track and enforce security policies based on user identities (rather than just IP addresses), providing better visibility and control over user activities.

  • Advanced threat protection: Next-gen firewalls often include features like sandboxing and threat intelligence to detect and block advanced threats such as zero-day attacks, ransomware, and targeted attacks.

  • SSL/TLS inspection: NGFWs can decrypt and inspect SSL/TLS encrypted traffic, enabling the detection of threats hidden within encrypted communications.

  • Centralized management and reporting: These firewalls offer a centralized management console to easily manage security policies and monitor network activities.

By combining these advanced protection features, Next-Generation Firewalls provide enhanced visibility and control, enabling organizations to effectively secure their networks in today’s complex and ever-evolving cyber-threat landscape.

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