Whois is a widely-used protocol and tool that allows you to query domain registration and ownership information. It is often useful in the cyber security field for researching and investigating the origins, hosting providers, or administrators associated with a particular domain or IP address.

How to Use Whois

There are various ways you can access the Whois database, as listed below:

Whois Information

When performing a Whois query, you may typically find the following information:

Privacy & Limitations

It is important to note that Whois information may not always be accurate, as domain owners can provide false information or use privacy protection services to mask their identity. Additionally, some registrars may limit the number of Whois queries from a single IP address, which can limit the usefulness of Whois in some scenarios.

In conclusion, Whois is a valuable tool for understanding domain registration and ownership information. It can be used by cyber security professionals, among others, to investigate potentially malicious websites or domains, identify patterns or relationships among sites, and gain insights into a domain’s history and ownership. Remember to consider the limitations of the information obtained through Whois and always verify the gathered information through various sources.