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URLVoid is a reputable online service designed to help webmasters, security analysts, and internet users to detect potentially harmful websites by scanning their domain names. By providing detailed reports on domains’ security reputation, URLVoid empowers users with vital information about potential risks associated with a website before they access it.

URLVoid offers the following features:

  • Blacklist Checks: The platform scans the provided domain using a variety of blacklists, including antivirus engines, domain and IP reputation platforms, and phishing databases. The results of these checks give users an indication if the domain is considered malicious or if it has a poor reputation.

  • Website Analysis: URLVoid crawls the domain and provides useful insights such as its registration date, hosting company, server location, and SSL certificates (if any). Additionally, it generates a screenshot preview of the website’s landing pages.

  • WHOIS & DNS Lookup: Access information about the domain’s registration and ownership (WHOIS) and Domain Name System (DNS) records. This data can be helpful in tracking the registrant behind a suspicious website or verifying the legitimacy of a domain.

  • IP Address Detection: URLVoid also lists associated IP addresses of the scanned domain, helping users check IP-based threats or evaluate the reputation of specific IP addresses.

To use URLVoid, visit their website at, input the URL or domain, and the service will generate a comprehensive report within seconds.

Keep in mind, URLVoid serves as a starting point for investigating potentially harmful websites. A clean report does not guarantee the absolute safety of a domain; conversely, false positives occasionally occur. We recommend using URLVoid in combination with other security tools and practices to ensure your online safety.

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