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Memdump is a handy tool designed for forensic analysis of a system’s memory. The main purpose of Memdump is to extract valuable information from the RAM of a computer during a cyber security incident or investigation. By analyzing the memory dump, cyber security professionals can gain insights into the attacker’s methods, identify malicious processes, and uncover potential evidence for digital forensics purposes.

Key Features

  • Memory Dumping: Memdump allows you to create an image of the RAM of a computer, capturing the memory contents for later analysis.
  • File Extraction: With Memdump, you can extract executable files or any other file types from the memory dump to investigate potential malware or data theft.
  • String Analysis: Memdump can help you identify suspicious strings within the memory dump, which may provide crucial information about an ongoing attack or malware’s behavior.
  • Compatibility: Memdump is compatible with various operating systems, including Windows, Linux, and macOS.

Example Usage

For a Windows environment, you can use Memdump as follows:

memdump.exe -O output_file_path

This command will create a memory dump of the entire RAM of the system and save it to the specified output file path. You can then analyze this memory dump using specialized forensic tools to uncover valuable information about any cyber security incidents.

Remember that Memdump should always be executed with administrator privileges so that it can access the entire memory space.


Memdump is a powerful forensic tool that can greatly assist you in conducting an incident response or discovery process. By capturing and analyzing a system’s memory, you can identify threats, gather evidence, and ultimately enhance your overall cyber security posture.

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