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hping is a versatile and powerful command-line based packet crafting tool that allows network administrators, security professionals, and system auditors to manipulate and analyze network packets at a granular level. hping can be used to perform stress testing, firewall testing, scanning, and packet generation, among other functionalities.

Key Features

  • Flexible and powerful: hping supports a wide array of protocols including TCP, UDP, ICMP, and RAW-IP, and can manipulate individual fields within network packets.

  • Custom packet crafting: Users can create custom packets to test specific firewall rules, for example by modifying flags, window size, or payload.

  • Traceroute mode: hping can perform traceroute-style scans through its specialized mode, enabling users to discover the network path between two systems.

  • Scripting capability: hping can be used in conjunction with scripts to automate packet crafting and analysis tasks, making it highly adaptable for diverse network testing use cases.

Sample Commands

Here are some example commands using hping:

  • Perform a traditional ping:

    hping3 -1 <target_IP>
  • Perform a SYN flood attack:

    hping3 --flood -S -p <target_port> <target_IP>
  • Perform a traceroute using ICMP packets:

    hping3 --traceroute -V -1 <target_IP>
  • Perform a UDP scan of the first 100 ports:

    hping3 --udp -p 1-100 <target_IP>


In summary, hping is an invaluable tool for anyone involved in network security, administration, or auditing. Its flexibility and power make it an essential part of any cybersecurity toolkit. By understanding how to use hping effectively, you can gain valuable insights into the behavior of networks, devices, and security mechanisms, leading to a more secure and resilient infrastructure.

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