Autopsy is a versatile and powerful open-source digital forensics platform that is primarily used for incident response, cyber security investigations, and data recovery. As an investigator, you can utilize Autopsy to quickly and efficiently analyze a compromised system, extract crucial artifacts, and generate comprehensive reports. Integrated with The Sleuth Kit and other plug-ins, Autopsy allows examiners to automate tasks and dig deep into a system’s structure to discover the root cause of an incident.

Features of Autopsy

Installation and Usage

Autopsy is available for download from its official website,, and can be installed on Windows, Linux, and macOS platforms.

Once installed, creating a new case is easy. Follow these basic steps:

As Autopsy completes its analysis, it will generate a comprehensive report that can be utilized for internal reporting, maintaining case records, or presenting evidence in legal proceedings.


In conclusion, Autopsy is a valuable tool for incident response and digital forensics professionals. By mastering its functions and capabilities, you can enhance your capabilities in incident investigations, data recovery, and threat attribution.