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Performing CRUD on Files

When working with files in any system or application, understanding and performing CRUD operations (Create, Read, Update, and Delete) is essential for implementing robust cyber security measures.

File Creation

  • Windows: You can create new files using the built-in text editor (Notepad) or dedicated file creation software. You can also use PowerShell commands for quicker file creation. The New-Item command followed by the file path creates a file.

    New-Item -Path "C:\Example\example.txt" -ItemType "file"
  • Linux: Unlike Windows, file creation is usually done through the terminal. The touch command helps create a file in the desired directory.

    touch /example/example.txt

File Reading

  • Windows: You can read a file using standard file readers, such as Notepad, Wordpad, etc., or you can utilize PowerShell commands. The Get-Content command provides the file content.

    Get-Content -Path "C:\Example\example.txt"
  • Linux: The cat command is the most common way to read the contents of a file in Linux.

    cat /example/example.txt

File Updating

  • Windows: File updating can be accomplished using the previously mentioned text editors or PowerShell. The Set-Content or Add-Content commands are useful for updating a file.

    Set-Content -Path "C:\Example\example.txt" -Value "Updated content"
    Add-Content -Path "C:\Example\example.txt" -Value "Appended content"
  • Linux: Linux uses the built-in text editors, such as nano or vim, to update files. Alternatively, the echo command can append content to a file.

    echo "Appended content" >> /example/example.txt

File Deletion

  • Windows: File deletion is performed by right-clicking the file and selecting ‘Delete’ or using PowerShell commands. The Remove-Item command followed by the file path can delete a file.

    Remove-Item -Path "C:\Example\example.txt"
  • Linux: The rm command allows you to delete a file in Linux.

    rm /example/example.txt

By mastering these CRUD operations, you can enhance your cyber security knowledge and implement effective incident response and file management strategies.

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