Tcpdump is a powerful command-line packet analyzer tool that allows you to monitor and intercept network traffic on your system. This utility is beneficial for troubleshooting network connectivity problems and analyzing network protocols. Tcpdump can capture and display the packet headers on a particular network interface or a specific port.

Key Features

Basic Usage

To start using Tcpdump, open your terminal/command line and enter the following command:

tcpdump -i any

This command will capture packets on all network interfaces. The output will display source and destination IP addresses, port numbers, and packet length.

Common Tcpdump Commands

Here are some essential tcpdump commands for different tasks:

You can learn more about tcpdump filters and advanced options from its official documentation or by typing man tcpdump in your terminal. Tcpdump is an invaluable tool for any network administrator and will help you get to the root of any network issues.