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In a star network topology, all devices (nodes) are connected to a central device, called a hub or switch. The central device manages the data transmission between the devices connected to it, creating a star-like structure.


  • Easy to Install and Configure: Adding new devices or removing existing ones is quite simple, as they only have to connect or disconnect from the central hub or switch.
  • Fault-Tolerance: If a device fails or a connection is broken, the rest of the devices can continue to communicate with each other without any major impact.
  • Centralized Management: The central hub or switch can easily manage and monitor the network devices, which makes troubleshooting and maintenance more efficient.
  • Scalability: It is easy to expand a star network by connecting additional devices to the central hub or switch, allowing for network growth without affecting performance.


  • Dependency on Central Hub or Switch: If the central device fails, the entire network becomes inoperable. It is essential to ensure the reliability of the central device in a star network.
  • Cost: Since a central hub or switch is required, star topologies can be more expensive compared to other network topologies, especially when dealing with larger networks. Additionally, cabling costs can be higher due to individual connections to the central device.
  • Limited Range: The distance between devices is determined by the length of the cables connecting to the central hub or switch. Longer cable runs can increase latency and decrease network performance.


Star topology is commonly used in home and office networks, as well as in local area networks (LANs). It is a suitable choice when centralized control and easier network management are necessary, or when scalability and easy addition of new devices are priority.

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