Amazon Web Services (AWS) is a leading cloud computing platform provided by Amazon. Launched in 2006, AWS offers an extensive range of on-demand IT services, such as computing power, storage, databases, networking, and security, which enable organizations to develop, deploy, and scale applications and infrastructure quickly and cost-effectively.

Key AWS Services

AWS provides over 200 different services, with new ones being added regularly. Some of the most important and commonly used services include:





Security, Identity, and Compliance

Benefits of AWS

There are several reasons why AWS is widely used and trusted:

As a part of your cybersecurity strategy, it’s crucial to understand and securely configure your AWS environment. Secure your cloud infrastructure by adhering to AWS best practices, implementing access controls, and regularly monitoring for vulnerabilities.

For more information on securing your AWS environment, refer to the AWS Well-Architected Framework and the AWS Security Best Practices whitepapers.