Fundamental IT Skills

Basic IT skills are the foundation for understanding and navigating the digital world, as well as playing a crucial role in cyber security. Given below are some essential IT skills that will help you enhance your experience with technology and better protect your digital assets.

Computer Navigation

Understanding how to navigate a computer’s operating system is a vital skill. This includes knowing how to:

Internet Usage

Having a working knowledge of how to navigate the internet will allow you to access information and resources more efficiently. Key skills include:

Email Management

Communication using email is an essential aspect of the modern digital world. Important email management skills are:

Word Processing

Word processing is a basic IT skill that is useful in both personal and professional environments. Skills related to word processing include:

Software and Application Installation

Being able to install and manage software can make your experience with technology more efficient and tailored to your needs. Basic software-related skills include:

Digital Security Awareness

As the digital world is constantly evolving, so too are cyber threats. Therefore, remaining vigilant and familiarizing yourself with common cyber security practices is crucial. Some fundamental digital security skills include:

By honing these basic IT skills, you will be better prepared to navigate and protect your digital life, as well as making the most of the technology at your fingertips.