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Step by step guide to becoming a blockchain developer in 2023.

Blockchain Blockchain Decentralization Why it matters Blockchain Structure Basic Blockchain Operations Application and uses of Blockchain technology Blockchain general knowledge Storage Mining and incentive models Decentralization vs trust Blockchain forking Cryptocurrencies Cryptowallets Cryptography Consensus protocols Blockchain interoperability Blockchains Solana The Open Network EVM based Avalanche Binance Smart Chain Ethereum Fantom Gnosis Chain Huobi Eco Chain Moonbeam Moonriver Polygon L2 blockchains Arbitrum Moonbeam Moonriver Blockchain Oracles Hybrid Smart Contracts Chainlink Oracle Networks Smart Contracts Programming Languages Solidity Vyper Rust Testing Unit Tests Integration Tests Code Coverage Deployment Monitoring Upgrades ERC Tokens Crypto Wallets IDEs Crypto Faucets Decentralized Storage Smart Contract Frameworks Hardhat Brownie Truffle Foundry Security Practices Fuzz Testing and Static Analysis Common Threat Vectors Source of Randomness Attacks Tools Slither Manticore Mythx Echidna Management Platforms OpenZeppelin Version Control Systems Git Repo Hosting Services GitHub GitLab Bitbucket dApps Frontend Frameworks React Angular Vue.js Testing Deployment Maintenance Architecture Security Applicability DeFi DAOs NFTs Payments Insurance Node as a Service (NaaS) Alchemy Infura Moralis Quicknode Supporting Languages JavaScript Python Go Client libraries Ethers.js Web3.js Moralis SDK Client Nodes Geth Besu Nethermind Substrate Building for Scale State and Payment Channels Optimistic Rollups and Fraud Proofs Zero Knowledge Rollups and Zero Knowledge Proof Validium Plasma Sidechains Ethereum 2 On-Chain Scaling

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