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Internet Internet What is HTTP? Browsers DNS Domain Name Hosting Basic Frontend Knowledge HTML CSS JavaScript General Knowledge Terminal usage Operating Systems Process Management Threads and Concurrency Basic Terminal Commands Memory Management Interprocess Communication I/O Management POSIX Basics Basic Networking Concepts Learn a Language Go Rust Java C# PHP JavaScript Python Ruby C++ Version Control Systems Git Git Repo Hosting Services GitHub GitLab Bitbucket Relational Databases PostgreSQL MySQL MariaDB MS SQL Oracle NoSQL databases Document databases Column Databases Timeseries databases Realtime databases Key-Value Databases Databases ORMs ACID Transactions N plus one problem Database Normalization Failure Modes Profiling Performance APIs REST JSON APIs SOAP gRPC Hateoas Open api spec Authentication Cookie-Based Authentication OAuth Basic authentication Token authentication JWT OpenID Security Assertion Markup Language (SAML) GraphQL Databases Database Indexes Data Replication Sharding strategies CAP Theorem Caching CDN (Content Delivery Network) Server side Redis Memcached Client Side Caching Web Security Knowledge MD5 SHA family Bcrypt Scrypt Content Security Policy HTTPS Cors Server Security SSL/TLS OWASP Security Risks Testing Integration Testing Unit Testing Functional Testing CI/CD Design and Development Principles Design Patterns Domain-Driven Design Test Driven Development CQRS Event Sourcing Architectural Patterns Monolithic Apps Microservices SOA Serverless Service Mesh Twelve-Factor Apps Search Engines Elasticsearch Solr Message Brokers RabbitMQ Kafka Containerization vs. Virtualization Docker LXC Kubernetes Graphql Apollo Relay Modern Graph databases Neo4j Web sockets Server Sent Events Web Servers Nginx Apache Caddy MS IIS Building for Scale Mitigation Strategies Graceful Degradation Throttling Backpressure Load Shifting Circuit Breaker Instrumentation, Monitoring, and Telemetry Migration Strategies Horizontal/Vertical Scaling Observability

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