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Step by step guide to becoming an ASP.NET core developer in 2023

C# C# .NET Framework .NET CLI General development skills Git Azure Devops Services Repo Hosting Services HTTP Data Structures Database fundamentals Database design basics Sql basics Stored Procedures Constraints Triggers Basics of ASP.NET Core MVC REST Razor Pages Razor Components Middlewares Filters and Attributes App Settings and Configurations ORM Entity Framework Core Framework Basics Code First Migrations Change Tracker API Lazy Eager Explicit Loading Dapper RepoDB NHibernate Dependency Injection Scrutor DI Containers Microsoft Extensions Dependency Injection Autofac Ninject Castle Windsor Simple Injector Life Cycles Scoped Transient Singleton Caching Memory Cache Entity Framework Cache Distributed Cache Memcached Redis Easy Caching Stackexchange Redis Databases Search Engines Elasticsearch Solr Sphinx Cloud DynamoDB CosmosDB Relational SQL Server PostgreSQL MariaDB MySQL Nosql Redis MongoDB LiteDB Cassandra RavenDB CouchDB Log Frameworks Serilog NLog Log Management System ELK Stack Sentry Datadog Loggly ELMAH API Clients REST OData Sieve gRPC GraphQL GraphQL .NET Hot Chocolate Real Time Communication Web Sockets SignalR Core Object Mapping AutoMapper Express Mapper Agile Mapper Mapster Task Scheduling Hangfire Native Background Service Quartz Coravel Testing E2E Testing Selenium Playwright Puppeteer Cypress Unit Testing Fluent Assertions Shouldly MSTest xUnit NUnit NSubstitute Moq FakeitEasy Integration Testing WebApplicationFactory TestServer Behavior Testing SpecFlow BDDfy LightBDD Microservices Message Brokers ActiveMQ Apache Kafka RabbitMQ NetMQ Azure Service Bus Message Bus MassTransit NServiceBus EasyNetQ Kubernetes Docker Swarm Ocelot Docker YARP Orleans Steeltoe Dapr Tye CI CD Github Actions Azure Pipelines Travis CI Jenkins CircleCI TeamCity Client Side Libraries Blazor Template Engines Razor DotLiquid Scriban Fluid Good To Know Libraries MediatR FluentValidation Polly NUKE BenchmarkDotNet Noda Time GenFu Swashbuckle

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