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Everything that is there to learn about Angular and the ecosystem in 2023.

Typescript Basics What is Typescript Why use TypeScript Structural Typing Type Inference Union Types Builtin Types Type Guard RxJS Basics Observer Pattern Observable lifecycle Marble Diagrams RxJS vs Promises RxJS Operators Filtering Rate limiting Transformation Combination Angular Basics AngularJS vs. Angular Angular Components Angular Templates Angular Modules Dependency Injection Services Routing Angular CLI Ng build Ng serve Ng generate Ng test Ng e2e Ng new Schematics Templates Interpolation Property binding Template statements Binding data props attrs events Reference vars Input output Rendering topics Builtin directives Builtin pipes Change detection Forms Reactive Forms Template Driven Forms Routing Configuration Router outlets Router links Router Events Route Guards Lazy loading Services Dependency Injection Lifecycle hooks State Management Ngxs Ngrx Zones Creating a custom X Directive Custom Pipes Library SSR in Angular Angular universal Angular SSG Scully Testing Angular Apps Testing pipes Testing services Testing component bindings Testing directives Testing component templates

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